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Big Mets bobblehead collector

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Big Mets bobblehead collector

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New here but not to bobblehead collecting. Have 50+ Mets bobbleheads and always looking for ones I don't have. I have some to trade also, but as I'm at work I don't have any lists with me right now. I pretty much just collect SGA, but do majors and minors as long as they are Mets or mostly Mets related. (for example: I have the Seinfeld Mets one, as he is in a Mets jersey and is a big Mets fan, but I don't do any of the minor league Seinfeld related stuff for the most part). Interested to see what anyone has and is willing to deal. Thanks!
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Re: Big Mets bobblehead collector

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Hi Mr Met, welcome to our group. Hope you are able to make some good bobble trading connections. Those Brooklyn cyclones Seinfeld bobbles are awesome.
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