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T-Shirt 2013

The Best T-Shirt giveaways of 2013

August 23, 2013 San Francisco Giants vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – Polynesian Heritage T Shirt

Special Event Ticketholders Only Polynesian Heritage Night T-Shirt

July, 2013 26 Washington Nationals VS. New York Mets – Nats T Shirt

Nationals T-Shirt 20,000 fans Presented by MASN

July 27, 2013 Oakland Athletics vs. Los Angeles Angels – Oaklandish Throwback Tee

Oaklandish Throwback Tee 10,000 fans Presented by Tribune Tavern

July 14, 2014 Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Colorado Rockies – Yasiel Puig T-shirt

Yasiel Puig T-Shirt First 40,000 fans Presented by Time Warner Cable  

July 12 Pittsburg Pirates vs New York Mets

Free Shirt Friday Presented by: Cottonelle and Viva All Fans  

Jul 9 Seattle Mariners vs. Boston Red Sox

T-shirt Tuesday First 5,000 fans

Jul 6 Kansas City Royals vs. Oakland Athletics

Charlie O T-Shirt 10,000 fans Presented by FOX Sports Kansas City

May 28, 2013 Kansas City Royals vs. St. Louis Cardinals – Tshirt

T-Shirt Tuesday 10,000 fans Presented by Teva

Apr 11 Seattle Mariners vs. Texas Rangers

Supreme Court Limited to first 25,000 fans