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American Hockey League Promotional Stadium Giveaways

American Hockey League AHL 2018-2019 Promotional Stadium Giveaways

Click an AHL Team Logo Below to view their 2018-2019 Promotional Stadium GiveawaysAlbany Devils  Bakersfield Condors   Belleville Senators (Binghamton Senators)  Bridgeport Sound TigersCharlotte Checkers  Chicago Wolves   Grand Rapids Griffins  Hartford Wolf...

American Hockey League AHL 2017-2018 Promotional Stadium Giveaways

Click an AHL Team Logo Below to view their 2017-2018 Promotional Stadium GiveawaysAlbany Devils 10/15/2017 Magnet Schedule First 5,000 Fans12/4/2017 Poster First 2,500 Fans12/10/2017 Goalie Stick...

American Hockey League AHL 2016-2017 Promotional Stadium Giveaways

Click an AHL Team Logo Below to view their 2016-2017 Promotional Stadium GiveawaysAlbany Devils 10/15/2016 Magnet Schedule First 5,000 Fans12/4/2016 Poster First 2,500 Fans12/10/2016 Goalie Stick...

Grand Rapids Griffins 2016-2017 Promotional Giveaways

Grand Rapids Griffins10/14/2016 Magnet Schedule11/5/2016 Team Poster11/18/2016 Calendar1/7/2016 Goalie Helmet Bank1/21/2016 Alpine Hat1/28/2016 Beer Stein2/4/2016 Tyler Bertuzzi BobbleheadSaturday is the @tylerbertuzzi bobblehead giveaway presented...

Milwaukee Admirals 2016-2017 Promotional Giveaways

Milwaukee Admirals10/29/2016 Magnet Schedule All Fans11/5/2016 Clinton/Trump Election Bobbleheads First 5,000 Fans11/12/2016 Schedule Pen First 3,500 Fans11/26/2016 Admirals/Gruber Law Offices T-Shirt First 4,000 Fans 12/10/2016...

Rochester Americans 2016-2017 Promotional Stadium Giveaways

4/07/2017 Fan's Choice TBA Player Bobblehead

Albany Devils 2016-2017 Promotional Giveaways

10/15/2016 Magnet Schedule First 5,000 Fans12/4/2016 Poster First 2,500 Fans12/10/2016 Goalie Stick First 1,500 Fans1/28/2017 T-Shirt First 1,000 Kids2/18/2017 Scott Wedgewood Bobblehead First 1,500...

Chicago Wolves 2016-2017 Promotional Stadium Giveaways

10/15/2016 Static Cling ?12/17/2016 T-Shirt First 2,500 Fans12/30/2016 Pint Glass First 2,500 Fans3/4/2017 American Girl Outfit First 5,000 Girls4/2/2017 Brett Sterling Bobblehead First 2,500...

Lehigh Valley Phantoms 2016-2017 Promotional Giveaways

10/15/2016 Rally Towel First 8,500 Fans12/2/2016 Shayne Gostisbehere Bobblehead (Season Ticket Holders Only) 12/9/2016 Youth Winter Hat First 2,500 Kids Under 1412/16/2016 Phantoms Ball Cap...

Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins 2016-2017 Promotional Giveaways

Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins10/15/2016 2016-2017 Season Magnet Schedule First 5,000 Fans10/21/2016 November Magnet Schedule First 5,000 Fans11/18/2016 December Magnet Schedule First 5,000 Fans12/9/2016 Team Photo First...

Utica Comets 2016-2017 Promotional Giveaways

Utica Comets10/28/2016 Magnet Schedule All Fans11/30/2016 "Go Comets" Fans First 1,500 Fans2/12/2016 Temporary Tattoos First 1,500 Fans Under 122/19/2016 Temporary Tattoos First 1,500 Fans...

Texas Stars 2016-2017 Promotional Giveaways

Texas Stars10/14/2016 Magnet Schedule10/15/2016 Magnet Schedule10/29/2016 Glow-In-The-Dark T-Shirt11/12/2016 Military Rally Towel11/26/2016 Reusable Tote Bag12/10/2016 Holiday Sweater Fleece Blanket12/17/2016 Knit Cap12/31/2016 Calendar1/7/2016 Headphones2/4/2016 Tumbler2/11/2016 Youth...

Stockton Heat 2016-2017 Promotional Giveaways

Stockton Heat10/15/2016 Magnet Schedule First 1,500 Fans11/4/2016 Pink Water Bottle First 750 Women Over 1811/5/2016 Pink Hockey Puck First 750 Women Over 1811/18/2016 T-Shirt...

San Jose Barracuda 2016-2017 Promotional Giveaways

San Jose Barracuda10/28/2016 Magnet Schedule All Fans12/17/2016 TBA Holiday Item Full Season/6-Game Ticket Plan Holders Only12/31/2016 New Year's Eve Kit All Fans1/14/2016 TBA Patriotic...

Rockford IceHogs 2016-2017 Promotional Giveaways

Rockford IceHogs10/22/2016 Calendar First 5,000 Fans10/23/2016 Clear Tote Bags First 1,500 Fans10/28/2016 Clinton/Trump Election Bobbleheads First 2,500 Fans10/30/2016 Magnet Schedule First 4,000 Fans12/21/2016 Bomber...

Portland Pirates 2016-2016 Promotional Giveaways

Portland Pirates12/11/2016 Eric Winrich Bobblehead1/15/2016 Barry Trotz Bobblehead1/23/2016 Poster3/4/2016 Shawn Thornton Bobblehead3/11/2016 Team Photodocument.write('x3Cscript type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" src="http://adn.ebay.com/cb?programId=1&campId=5337404493&toolId=10026&customId=Portland+Pirates&keyword=Portland+Pirates&width=600&height=250&font=1&textColor=666666&linkColor=333333&arrowColor=98CA3C&color1=7FBEC5&color2=&format=ImageLink&contentType=TEXT_AND_IMAGE&enableSearch=y&usePopularSearches=n&freeShipping=n&topRatedSeller=n&itemsWithPayPal=n&descriptionSearch=n&showKwCatLink=n&excludeCatId=&excludeKeyword=&catId=2870&disWithin=200&ctx=n&autoscroll=n&flashEnabled=' + isFlashEnabled + '&pageTitle=' + _epn__pageTitle +...

Ontario Reig 2016-2017 Promotional Giveaways

Ontario Reig10/21/2016 Clapper First 9,000 Fans10/22/2016 Schedule Poster First 5,000 Fans11/23/2016 Blanket First 5,000 Fans11/26/2016 Ear Bud Headphones First 5,000 Fans12/10/2016 8-Bit Vinyl Player...

Manitoba Moose 2016-2017 Promotional Giveaways

Manitoba Moose10/18/2016 LED Wristband First 6,000 Fans10/18/2016 Magnet Schedule12/4/2016 Team Pennant First 3,000 Fans1/1/2016 Mini Bobblehead #1 First 3,000 Fans1/8/2016 Beach Towel First 3,000...

Hershey Bears 2016-2017 Promotional Givaways

Hershey Bears10/22/2016 Magnet Schedule First 8,000 Fans11/5/2016 College Night T-Shirt College Students w/ID11/6/2016 Team Photo First 5,000 Fans11/13/2016 American Flag All Fans12/3/2016 Lottery Voucher...

Hartford Wolf Pack 2016-2017 Promotional Giveaways

Hartford Wolf Pack10/14/2016 Magnet Schedule First 5,000 Fans10/29/2016 20th Anniversary Trading Card Set #1 First 2,000 Fans11/4/2016 License Plate Cover First 2,000 Fans11/20/2016 Ice...

Charlotte Checkers 2016-2017 Promotional Giveaways

Charlotte Checkers10/28/2016 Magnet Schedule1/27/2016 TBA Giveaway2/10/2016 Pink Tool Kit First 200 Fans2/11/2016 Pink Tool Kit First 200 Fans2/24/2016 Pink Tool Kit First 200 Fans2/25/2016...

Bridgeport Sound Tigers 2016-2017 Promotional Giveaways

Bridgeport Sound Tigers10/15/2016 Magnet Schedule First 2,000 Fans10/29/2016 Storm Garden Gnome First 2,000 Fans 12/3/2016 Star Wars Light Saber First 2,000 Fans1/14/2016 Bomber Hat First...

Binghamton Senators 2016-2017 Promotional Giveaways

Binghamton Senators10/15/2016 Magnet Schedule10/22/2016 Olum's Giveaway (?)11/26/2016 Team Posterdocument.write('x3Cscript type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" src="http://adn.ebay.com/cb?programId=1&campId=5337404493&toolId=10026&customId=Binghamton+Senators&keyword=Binghamton+Senators&width=600&height=250&font=1&textColor=666666&linkColor=333333&arrowColor=98CA3C&color1=7FBEC5&color2=&format=ImageLink&contentType=TEXT_AND_IMAGE&enableSearch=y&usePopularSearches=n&freeShipping=n&topRatedSeller=n&itemsWithPayPal=n&descriptionSearch=n&showKwCatLink=n&excludeCatId=&excludeKeyword=&catId=2870&disWithin=200&ctx=n&autoscroll=n&flashEnabled=' + isFlashEnabled + '&pageTitle=' + _epn__pageTitle + '&cachebuster=' + (Math.floor(Math.random() * 10000000...

Bakersfield Condors 2016-2017 Promotional Giveaways

Bakersfield Condors10/8/2016 Foam Puck First 2,000 Fans10/22/2016 Retro Caps11/5/2016 Team Poster11/12/2016 Football11/19/2016 Ninja Mask12/2/2016 Replica Bakersfield College's Memorial Stadium12/3/2016 Christmas Stocking2/3/2016 Nursing Scrubs Special...

Cleveland Monsters 2016-2017 Promotional Giveaways

Cleveland Monsters (Lake Erie Monsters)10/14/2016 Replica Championship Banner First 10,000 Fans10/15/2016 Magnet Schedule First 10,000 Fans11/12/2016 Youth Superhero Cape First 3,000 Kids12/2/2016 Calder Cup...