Red Sox 2020

April 7, 2020 Boston Red Sox – Big Papi Red Sox HOF Series Bobblehead

Big Papi Red Sox HOF Series Bobblehead Tuesday Apr 7 7:10 PM Tampa Bay Rays Promotion: Big Papi Red Sox HOF Series Bobblehead

April 22, 2020 Boston Red Sox – Mandalorian JD Bobblehead

Mandalorian JD Bobblehead Wednesday Apr 22 7:10 PM Toronto Blue Jays The Force is Strong with you, Red Sox Fans. Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back at...

May 19, 2020 Boston Red Sox – Manny HOF Series Bobblehead

Manny HOF Series Bobblehead Tuesday May 19 7:10 PM Tampa Bay Rays Promotion: Manny HOF Series Bobblehead

May 26, 2020 Boston Red Sox – Jewish Heritage Night Bobblehead

Jewish Heritage Night Bobblehead Tuesday May 26 7:10 PM Kansas City Royals Join us for our annual Jewish Heritage Night at Fenway Park, Tuesday, May 26! This year, fans who...

June 16, 2020 Boston Red Sox – Rafael Devers Bobblehead

Rafael Devers Bobblehead Tuesday Jun 16 7:10 PM Atlanta Braves Promotion: Rafael Devers Bobblehead

July 29, 2020 Boston Red Sox – Jerry Garcia bobblehead

Jerry Garcia bobblehead Wednesday Jul 29 7:10 PM Baltimore Orioles Join us at America's Most Beloved Ballpark in the summer night moonlight on Wednesday, July 29, as we celebrate the...

August 10, 2020 Boston Red Sox – Linus Bobblehead

Linus Bobblehead Monday Aug 10 7:10 PM Minnesota Twins Join us on Monday, August 10, as we celebrate as one of the most popular comic strips of all-time, "Peanuts", on...