White Sox 2021

May 28-29, 2021 Chicago White Sox – Tim Anderson Bat Flip Bobblehead

Tim Anderson Bat Flip Bobblehead Friday May 28 7:10 PM Baltimore Orioles Buy Tickets Promotion: Tim Anderson Bat Flip Bobblehead Presented by Guaranteed Rate | First 10,000 fans

July 31, 2021 Chicago White Sox – Yoan Moncada Bobblehead

Yoan Moncada Bobblehead Saturday Jul 31 6:10 PM Cleveland Indians Buy Tickets Promotion: Yoan Moncada Bobblehead Presented by Constellation | First 20,000 fans | More Info

August 4, 2021 Chicago White Sox – Retro White Sox T-Shirt

Retro White Sox T-Shirt Wednesday Aug 4 7:10 PM Kansas City Royals Buy Tickets Promotion: Retro White Sox T-Shirt Designed by @allstarpresschicago | Presented by Whittingham Meats | First 10,000 fans

August 15, 2021 Chicago White Sox – TOPPS Baseball Cards

TOPPS Baseball Cards Sunday Aug 15 1:10 PM New York Yankees Buy Tickets Promotion: TOPPS Baseball Cards Presented by TOPPS | All fans

September 16, 2021 Chicago White Sox – Los White Sox T-Shirt

Los White Sox T-Shirt Thursday Sep 16 1:10 PM Los Angeles Angels Promotion: Los White Sox T-Shirt Designed by @chemaskandal | Presented by Budweiser | First 10,000 fans 21+

September 29, 2021 Chicago White Sox – Pride Night and T-Shirt

Pride Night and T-Shirt Wednesday Sep 29 7:10 PM Cincinnati Reds Game Highlight: Pride Night and T-Shirt T-shirt designed by @theninapalomba | Presented by BMO | First 10,000 fan