Milwaukee Brewers Bobblehead History


Rowdy Tellez Bobblehead


05/13/2023 Ueck Skywalker bobblehead
06/16/2023 Paige Spiranac bobblehead
06/17/2023 Craig Counsell Indiana Jones bobblehead
07/08/2023 Cookie Monster bobblehead
08/05/2023 Devin Williams Bobblehead
08/26/2023 Rowdy Tellez Bobblehead
09/16/2023 William Contreras Bobblehead


05/22/2022 Willy Adames Bobblehead
06/05/2022 Brandon Woodruff Bobblehead
06/26/2022 Corbin Burnes Bobblehead
07/09/2022 Elmo bobblehead
07/10/2022 Freddy Peralta Bobblehead
07/24/2022 Omar Narvaez Bobblehead
09/11/2022 Giannis Antetokounmpo Bobblehead

July 24, 2022 Milwaukee Brewers – Omar Narvaez Bobblehead


06/05/2021 Woodstock bobblehead
06/06/2021 Hank Aaron Bobblehead
06/13/2021 Christian Yelich 40-HR Bobblehead
06/27/2021 1980s Paul Molitor Bobblehead
07/11/2021 Robin Yount Bobblehead
07/25/2021 Lorenzo Cain Gold Glove Bobblehead
08/08/2021 Christian Yelich 30-SB Bobblehead
08/22/2021 Ben Sheets Bobblehead
09/04/2021 Lorenzo Cain Jedi bobblehead
09/05/2021 2010s Ryan Braun Bobblehead
09/25/2021 WWE Bob Uecker Bobblehead
09/26/2021 Talking Bob Uecker Bobblehead

September 26, 2021 Milwaukee Brewers – Talking Bob Uecker Bobblehead


03/31/2019 Jesús Aguilar Bobblehead
05/04/2019 Orlando Calrissian bobblehead
05/05/2019 Jeremy Jeffress Bobblehead
06/09/2019 Christian Yelich Bobblehead
06/22/2019 Lorenzo Cain Superhero bobblehead
06/30/2019 Prince Fielder Bobblehead
07/13/2019 Cerveceros Sugar Skull bobblehead
08/11/2019 Josh Hader Bobblehead
08/24/2019 Scooby-Doo bobblehead
08/25/2019 Yasmani Grandal Bobblehead

Milwaukee Brewers – Prince Fielder Bobblehead


04/21/2018 Captain America Bobblehead Special Ticket Required
04/22/2018 Eric Thames Bobblehead All Fans
05/04/2018 Braun Solo Bobblehead Special Ticket Required
05/05/2018 Famous Racing Sausage Bobblehead Special Ticket Required
05/27/2018 Travis Shaw ‘Mayor of Ding Dong City’ Bobblehead All Fans
06/11/2018 Yarn-themed Bernie BrewerTM mini-bobblehead Special Ticket Required
06/24/2018 Gauntlet Bobblehead All Fans
07/07/2018 Sugar Skull bobblehead Special Ticket Required
08/04/2018 ‘Great Hambino’ bobblehead
08/07/2018 Corey Knebel “King in the North” bobblehead
08/25/2018 Brewers-themed Snoopy bobblehead Special Ticket Required
08/26/2018 Lorenzo Cain Bobblehead All Fans
09/15/2018 Ed Sedar mini-bobblehead Special Ticket Required


04/23/2017 Jonathan Villar Bobblehead All Fans
05/13/2017 Jedi Keon bobblehead Special Ticket Required
05/28/2017 Robin Yount Bobblehead All Fans
06/03/2017 Iron Man Bobblehead Special Theme Night Ticket
06/07/2017 Stitch ‘N Pitch bobblehead Special Theme Night Ticket
06/16/2017 Charlie Brown Bobblehead Special Theme Night Ticket
07/02/2017 Zach Davies Bobblehead All Fans
8/15/2017 Bernie Brewer Iron Throne Bobblehead Special Theme Night Ticket
09/02/2017 Craig Counsell mini-bobblehead Special Theme Night Ticket
09/23/2017 Bill Schroeder Disco Pose Bobblehead Special Theme Night Ticket



jonathan lucroy superhero bobblehead - milwaukee brewers - 4-30-2016


04/10/2016  Vintage Brewer Bobblehead All Fans
04/30/2016 Lucroy Superhero Bobblehead
05/01/2016 Ryan Braun Bobblehead All Fans
05/26/2016 Paint Your Own Bernie Bobblehead All Fans 14 & Under
06/09/2016 Barrelman Bobblehead Stitch N’ Pitch
06/11/2016 Stormin Gorman Stormtrooper Bobblehead Special Ticket
06/12/2016 Hank Barking Bobblehead All Fans
06/26/2016 Greg Vaughn Bobblehead All Fans
07/09/2016 Ghostbusters Quad Bobblehead Special Ticket
07/31/2016 Jimmy Nelson Bobblehead All Fans
08/14/2016 Craig Counsell Bobblehead All Fans

Milwaukee Brewers_Paul Molitor Bobblehead_6-28-15


04/12/2015 Rob Deer Bobblehead All Fans
04/20/2015 Jonathan Lucroy Bobblehead Season Ticket Holders Only
04/26/2015 Wily Peralta Bobblehead All Fans
05/10/2015 Mother’s Day BobbleHank All Fans
05/30/2015 Jonathan Lucroy “Jedi Luc” Bobblehead
05/31/2015 Bud Selig Bobblehead All fans
06/11/20015 Hank Stitch N Pitch Bobblehead Special Ticket Required
06/14/2015 Carlos Gomez 2014 National League All-Star Bobblehead All fans
06/28/2015 Paul Molitor Bobblehead All fans
07/19/2015 Kris Davis Bobblehead All Fans
07/21/2015 Harry Doyle Bobblehead Special Ticket first 4,000
08/09/2015 Bob Uecker Bobblehead All fans
08/16/2015 Jonathan Lucady Doubles Record Bobblehead All fans
08/30/2015 Vintage Brewer Bobblehead All fans


04/27/2014 Carlos Gomez Gold Glove Bobblehead All Fans
05/11/2014 Kyle Lohse Bobblehead All Fans
06/25/2014 Vintage Brewer Bobblehead All Fans
06/29/2014 Scooter Gennett Bobblehead All Fans
07/27/2014 Jim Handerson Bobblehead All Fans
08/10/2014 Chorizo Bobblehead All Fans
08/24/2014 Jean Segura Bobblehead All Fans
09/14/2014  Robin Yount Bobblehead All fans


04/07/2013 Norichika Aoki Bobblehead All Ages
04/21/2013 George Scott Bobblehead All Ages
05/05/2013 Corey Hart 1913 Brewers Anniversary Bobblehead All Ages
05/26/2013 Ryan Braun Bobblehead All Ages
06/09/2013 Carlos Gomez Bobblehead All Ages
06/23/2013 Polish Racing Sausage Bobblehead All Ages
07/07/2013 Hank Aaron Bobblehead All Ages
08/04/2013 Harvey Kuenn Bobblehead All Ages
09/01/2013 Gorman Thomas Bobblehead All Ages
09/15/2013 Ben Oglivie Bobblehead All Ages


03/06/2012 John Axford Bobblehead All Ages
04/22/2012 Jonathan Lucroy Bobblehead All Ages
05/13/2012 Yovani Gallardo Bobblehead All Ages
06/10/2012 Nyjer Morgan Bobblehead All Ages
07/21/2012 Italian Racing Sausage Bobblehead All Ages N/A All Ages
07/29/2012 Bob Uecker Bobblehead All Ages
09/16/2012 Aramis Ramirez Bobblehead All Ages


03/05/2011 Robin Yount Bobblehead All Ages
03/08/2011 Cecil Cooper Bobblehead All Ages
03/21/2011 Hank Aaron Bobblehead All Ages
03/26/2011 Italian Racing Sausage Bobblehead All Ages All Ages
04/24/2011 John Axford Bobblehead All Ages
05/22/2011 Casey McGehee Bobblehead All Ages
06/12/2011 Zack Greinke Bobblehead All Ages
07/10/2011 Racing Hot Dog Bobblehead All Ages
08/14/2011 Craig Counsell Bobblehead All Ages
09/25/2011 Randy Wolf Bobblehead All Ages


03/08/2010 Jason Kendall Bobblehead All Ages
03/20/2010 Doug Melvin Bobblehead All Ages
03/27/2010 Jeff Suppan Bobblehead All Ages
04/11/2010 Bernie Brewer Bobblehead All Ages
05/16/2010 Hank Aaron Bobblehead All Ages
06/27/2010 Cecil Cooper Bobblehead All Ages
07/25/2010 Robin Yount Bobblehead All Ages
08/08/2010 Italian Racing Sausage Bobblehead All Ages All Ages
08/28/2010 Miller Lite Beer Vendor Bobblehead All Ages
08/29/2010 C.C. Sabathia Bobblehead All Ages


02/28/2009 Barrelman (Mascot) Bobblehead All Ages
05/03/2009 Ryan Braun Bobblehead All Ages
05/31/2009 Trevor Hoffman Bobblehead All Ages
06/28/2009 Jason Kendall Bobblehead All Ages
07/26/2009 Bratwurst Racing Sausage Bobblehead All Ages All Ages
08/30/2009 Jeff Suppan Bobblehead All Ages


03/08/2008 Rickie Weeks Bobblehead All Ages
03/15/2008 Chorizo Bobblehead – Mascot All Ages
04/06/2008 Prince Fielder Bobblehead All Ages
06/01/2008 Ryan Braun Bobblehead All Ages
06/22/2008 Polish Racing Sausage Bobblehead All Ages
07/06/2008 Barrel Man Bobblehead (Mascot) All Ages
08/24/2008 J.J. Hardy Bobblehead All Ages
09/07/2008 Corey Hart Bobblehead All Ages


04/06/2007 Charlie Moore Bobblehead All Ages
04/20/2007 Cecil Cooper Bobblehead All Ages
05/04/2007 Jim Gantner Bobblehead All Ages
05/18/2007 Paul Molitor Bobblehead All Ages
06/01/2007 Don Sutton Bobblehead All Ages
06/03/2007 Prince Fielder Bobblehead All Ages
06/22/2007 Mike Caldwell Bobblehead All Ages
06/24/2007 Bill Hall Bobblehead All Ages
07/13/2007 Ted Simmons Bobblehead All Ages
07/15/2007 Chorizo Bobblehead – Mascot All Ages
07/20/2007 Gorman Thomas Bobblehead All Ages
08/03/2007 Ben Oglivie All Ages
08/05/2007 Chris Capuano Bobblehead All Ages
08/17/2007 Harvey Kuenn Bobblehead All Ages
08/31/2007 Pete Vuckovich Bobblehead All Ages
09/14/2007 Robin Yount Bobblehead All Ages
09/28/2007 Don Money Bobblehead All Ages
09/30/2007 Rickie Weeks Bobblehead All Ages


05/13/2006 Derrick Turnbow Bobblehead All Ages
05/20/2006 Chris Capuano Mini Bobblehead All Ages
06/03/2006 Damian Miller Bobblehead All Ages
06/11/2006 Brady Clark Mini Bobblehead All Ages
06/18/2006 Cecil Cooper Bobblehead All Ages
07/04/2006 Klement – Hotdog Mascot Bobblehead All Ages
08/20/2006 Bill Hall Mini Bobblehead All Ages
09/02/2006 Robin Yount Bobblehead All Ages


05/07/2005 Ben Sheets Bobblehead All Ages
05/29/2005 Junior Spivey Mini Bobblehead All Ages
07/03/2005 Doug Davis Mini Bobblehead All Ages
07/16/2005 Rollie Fingers Bobblehead All Ages
08/13/2005 Lyle Overbay Bobblehead All Ages
08/14/2005 Ned Yost Mini Bobblehead All Ages
09/03/2005 Carlos Lee Bobblehead All Ages


05/30/2004 Geoff Jenkins Bobblehead Mini All Ages
06/12/2004 Scott Posednik Bobblehead All Ages
06/20/2004 Wes Helms Mini Bobblehead All Ages
07/10/2004 Gorman Thomas Bobblehead All Ages
08/14/2004 Jim Gantner Bobblehead All Ages
08/15/2004 Craig Counsell Mini Bobblehead All Ages


05/04/2003 Brat Sausage Bobblehead All Ages All Ages
07/06/2003 Polish Sausage Bobblehead All Ages All Ages
07/13/2003 Jeffrey Hammonds Bobblehead All Ages
08/10/2003 Paul Molitor Bobblehead All Ages
08/24/2003 Italian Sausage Bobblehead All Ages All Ages


05/26/2002 Richie Sexson Bobblehead All Ages
06/16/2002 Ben Sheets Bobblehead All Ages
06/16/2002 Ben Sheets Bobblehead Future Stars  All Ages
08/11/2002 Hank Aaron Bobblehead All Ages


06/17/2001 Geoff Jenkins Bobblehead All Ages
07/29/2001 Bob Uecker Bobblehead All Ages
08/26/2001 Robin Yount Bobblehead All Ages

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