San Francisco Giants Bobblehead History



04/06/2019 Evan Longoria Bobblehead
04/08/2019 Year of The Pig Bobblehead
04/27/2019 Willie Mays 20th Anniversary Bobblehead
05/11/2019 Let Pablo Pitch Bobblehead
05/20/2019 House Bochy Bobblehead
05/20/2019 Game of Thrones Stadium Dragon Bobblehead
05/22/2019 Spiderman Bobblehead
06/11/2019 Portuguese Rooster Bobblehead
06/24/2019 Lou Seal themed runner bobblehead
06/29/2019 Dereck Rodriguez Bobblehead
06/30/2019 Kirk Rueter Woody Bobblehead & Luxo Ball
07/07/2019 Top Gun Bobblehead
08/08/2019 Hulkbuster Bobblehead
08/05/2019 Turkey Head Bobblehead
08/26/2019 Jean-Lou Picard Bobblehead
08/29/2019 Hello Kitty Bobblehead
08/31/2019 Peanuts Woodstock Bobblehead
09/13/2019 Alou Brothers Bobblehead
09/14/2019 Dia de los Gigantes Bboblehead
09/15/2019 Star Wars Brandon Crawford Bobblehead
09/25/2019 Lou Seal & SJ Sharkie Zamboni Bobblehead
09/28/2019 Batman Bobblehead

San Jose Giants Dave Righetti Bobblehead


02/27/2018 Matt Williams Bobblehead
04/07/2018 Willie Mays 60th Anniversary Bobblehead First 35,000 Fans
04/10/2018 Year of the Dog Bobblehead Special Ticket
04/24/2018 Hulk Giants Bobblehead Special Ticket
06/01/2018 Will Clark Bobblehead Special Ticket
06/03/2018 Willie McCovey 60th Anniversary Bobblehead First 35,000 Fans
07/09/2018 Bonds father-son bobblehead
08/25/2018 Buster Hugs Bobblehead
09/10/2018 Bruce Bochy runner bobblehead
09/16/2018 Giants Millennium Falcon Bobble
09/26/2018 Ant-Man bobblehead
09/26/2018 Oktoberfest Lou Bobblehead


04/15/2017 Johnny Cueto Shimmy Bobble First 40,000 Fans
04/24/2017 Rocket Raccoon Bobblehead Theme Night Ticket
05/30/2017 Year of The Rooster Bobblehead Special Ticket
06/24/2017 Giants Retro Bobblehead First 30,000 Fans
07/20/2017 House Of Pence Bobblehead Theme Night Ticket
08/03/2017 Dancing Bear Bobblehead VIP Special Ticket
08/03/2017 Grateful Dead Bear Bobblehead Theme Night Ticket
08/21/2017 Jewish Heritage Bobblehead Special Ticket
08/31/2017 Madison Bumgarner Running Bobblehead Special Ticket
08/31/2017 Italian Lou Seal bobblehead Special Ticket Required
09/02/2017 Buster Posey Bobblehead Special Ticket
09/12/2017 Joe Montana Bobblehead VIP Special Theme Night Ticket
09/12/2017 Joe Montana Bobblehead Special Ticket
09/13/2017 Frank Robinson Bobblehead First 40,000 Fans
09/15/2017 Giants Thor Bobblehead Special Theme Night Ticket









04/22/2016 Juli Inkster Bobblehead Special Ticket
04/23/2016 Matt Duffy Bobblehead First 40,000 Fans
04/26/2016 Year of the Monkey Bobblehead Special Ticket
05/05/2016 Lou Seal Cinco de Mayo Bobblehead Special Ticket
05/07/2016 Captain America Bobblehead Special Ticket
05/07/2016 Brandon Crawford Bobblehead First 40,000 Fans
06/25/2016 Madison Bumgarner Bobblehead Frist 40,000 Fans
08/14/2016 Hunter Pence Solar Bobblebody First 20,000 Fans
08/26/2016 Bill Graham Father Time Bobblehead Special Ticket
08/26/2016 Super hero-themed Giants bobblehead Special Ticket
08/27/2016 Parrot Bobblehead Special Ticket
08/28/2016 Mike Krukow Bobblehead First 40,000 Fans
09/12/2016 Denard Span Bobblehead Special Ticket
09/16/2016 Star Trek Enterprise Bobble Special Ticket
09/16/2016 Bruce Bochy Vulcan Bobblehead Special Ticket
09/17/2016 Tito Fuentes bobblehead Special Ticket
09/28/2016 Monte Irvin Bobblehead Special Ticket
10/01/2016 Madison Bumgarner Storm Trooper Bobblehead Special Ticket

San Francisco Giants_Horoes Bobblehead _6-12-15


04/18/2015 Madison Bumgarner Postseason MVP Bobblehead First 40,000 Fans
05/08/2015 Tim Lincecum Bobblehead Filipino Heritage night Special Ticket Required
05/09/2015 Hunter Pence ‘Fence Catch’ Bobblehead First 40,000 Fans
05/09/2015 Stan Lee Bobblehead Special Ticket Required First 40,000 Fans
05/19/2015 Travis Ishikawa Bobblehead Japaneses Heritage Night Special Ticket
05/28/2015 Year of the Ram Bobblehead Special Ticket
05/30/2015 World Champions Postseason Heroes Crawford, Belt or Petit Bobblehead First 40,000 Fans
06/01/2015 Murph and Mac Dual Bobblehead Special Ticket
06/13/2015 World Champions Postseason Heroes Affeldt, Ishikawa, or Panik Bobblehead First 40,000 Fans
06/28/2015Hello Kitty Bobblehead First 20,000 fans
07/07/2015 Bruce Lee 75th Birthday Bobblehead First 3,000 to buy special ticket
09/14/2015 Tim Hudson Bobblehead Special Ticket


04/09/2014 Hunter Pence Bobblehead First 40,000 fans All Ages
04/28/2014 Duane Kuiper Bobblehead First 40,000 fans All Ages
04/28/2014 Korean Heritage Bobblehead Special Ticket
05/12/2014 Filipino Heritage Bobblehead Special Ticket
06/07/2014 “Courageous Catcherman” bobblehead Special Ticket
06/27/2014 ARF-themed Giants bobblehead Special Ticket
06/28/2014 Brandon Belt or Brandon Crawford Bobblehead First 40,000 fans All Ages
06/29/2014 Funko POP! bobblehead of Woody Special Ticket
07/13/2014 Angel Pagan Bobblehead First 40,000 fans All Ages
09/09/2014 Javier Lopez bobblehead Special Ticket
09/26/2014 Willie McCovey Bobblehead Special Ticket


04/06/2013 Buster Posey NL MVP Bobblehead 40,000 All Ages
05/25/2013 Barry Zito Bobblehead 20,000 All Ages
06/22/2013 Ryan Vogelsong Bobblehead 40,000 All Ages
08/22/2013 Brandon Belt Bobblehead 40,000 All Ages
09/08/2013 Fiesta Gigantes Bobbleheads Special Ticket Required
09/08/2013 Buster Posey Storm Trooper Bobblehead Special Ticket Required
09/08/2013 Buster Posey Storm Trooper Bobblehead VIP Special Ticket Required
09/09/2013 Elvis Bobblehead Special Ticket Required


05/05/2012 Sergio Romo Bobblehead (Cinco de Mayo Version) All Ages
05/05/2012 Sergio Romo Bobblehead All Ages
05/30/2012 Will Clark Bobblehead All Ages
06/12/2012 Rory McIlroy Bobblehead All Ages
06/30/2012 Jeff Kent Bobblehead 2002 World Series Member All Ages
07/15/2012 Madison Bumgarner Bobblehead All Ages
08/01/2012 Jerry Garcia Bobblehead All Ages
08/23/2012 Jeremy Affeldt Bobblehead All Ages
08/26/2012 Pablo Sandoval Bobblehead All Ages
09/04/2012 Bruce Lee Bobblehead All Ages


05/24/2011 Andres Torres Bobblehead All Ages
06/04/2011 Cody Ross Bobblehead All Ages
06/22/2011 Freddy Sanchez Bobblehead All Ages
06/25/2011 Aubrey Huff Bobblehead All Ages
07/10/2011 Buster Posey Bobblehead All Ages
07/19/2011 Bobby Thomson Bobblehead All Ages
07/24/2011 Boy Scout Bobblehead All Ages
08/27/2011 Tim Lincecum Bobblehead All Ages
09/27/2011 Tony Bennett Bobblehead All Ages


04/24/2010 Pablo Sandoval Bobblehead All Ages
05/01/2010 Lou Seal Bobblehead ‘Luchador’ – Mascot All Ages
05/16/2010 Willie Mays Bobblehead All Ages
06/02/2010 Madison Bumgarner Bobblehead All Ages
06/13/2010 Lucy Bobblehead (Peanuts) All Ages
06/14/2010 Pablo Sandoval Bobblehead  ‘Pandoval’ All Ages
07/17/2010 Tim Lincecum Bobblehead All Ages
08/09/2010 Jerry Garcia Bobblehead All Ages
08/14/2010 Bruce Bochy Bobblehead All Ages
08/28/2010 Joe DiMaggio Bobblehead All Ages
09/18/2010 Jonathan Sanchez Bobblehead (No-Hitter) All Ages
10/03/2010 Rob Schneider Bobblehead All Ages


04/21/2009 Manny Pacquiao Bobblehead All Ages
05/12/2009 Lou Seal Bobblehead (Chinese) (Mascot) All Ages
05/17/2009 Tim Lincecum Bobblehead All Ages
07/12/2009 Brian Wilson Bobblehead All Ages
07/27/2009 Lou Seal Bobblehead (Stitch & Pitch) (Mascot) All Ages
07/30/2009 Lou Seal Bobblehead (Policeman) (Mascot) All Ages
08/07/2009 Jon Miller Bobblehead All Ages
08/25/2009 Carlos Santana Bobblehead All Ages
08/30/2009 Randy Johnson Bobblehead All Ages
09/24/2009 Lou Seal Bobblehead (Policeman) (Mascot) All Ages


05/16/2008 Masanori Murakami Bobblehead All Ages
07/18/2008 Crazy Crab Bobblehead 1 (Mascot) All Ages
07/18/2008 Crazy Crab Bobblehead (Mascot) All Ages
07/27/2008 Matt Cain Bobblehead All Ages
08/22/2008 Renel Brooks-Moon Bobblehead PA Announcer All Ages
09/06/2008 Bengie Molina Bobblehead All Ages
09/08/2008 Lefty O’Doul Bobblehead All Ages


06/30/2007 Barry Zito Bobblehead All Ages
07/29/2007 Will Clark Bobblehead All Ages
07/29/2007 Kevin Mitchell Bobblehead All Ages
07/29/2007 Robby Thompson Bobblehead All Ages
07/29/2007 Matt Williams Bobblehead All Ages
08/08/2007 Rally Rabbi Bobblehead All Ages
08/11/2007 ‘Joe Cool’ Snoopy Bobblehead All Ages
08/24/2007 Lou Seal ‘Oktoberfest’ Bobblehead (Mascot) All Ages


05/28/2006 Omar Vizquel Bobblehead All Ages
06/11/2006 Moises Alou Bobblehead All Ages
09/08/2006 Randy Winn Bobblehead All Ages


01/01/2005 Felipe Alou Bobblehead All Ages Rewards Club
05/28/2005 Charlie Brown Bobblehead All Ages
07/23/2005 Gaylord Perry Bobblehead All Ages


01/01/2004 J.T. Snow Bobblehead All Ages Extreme Rewards Club
07/10/2004 Jason Schmidt Bobblehead All Ages


01/01/2003 Benito Santiago Bobblehead All Ages Fan Rewards
07/20/2003 Juan Marichal Bobblehead All Ages


01/01/2002 Russ Ortiz Bobblehead All Ages Rewards Club
06/23/2002 Orlando Cepeda Bobblehead All Ages
07/14/2002 Rich Aurilia Bobblehead All Ages


05/13/2001 Willie McCovey Bobblehead All Ages


06/11/2000 Barry Bonds Bobblehead All Ages


05/09/1999 Willie Mays Bobblehead All Ages SGA

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